Volvo Bussar Sweden rapidly started up with a turn-key solution from Valk Welding

Due to the fact that the short delivery time of an export order, manual welding of frames was not an option for Volvo Bussar in Uddevalla, Sweden, Valk Welding helped the Volvo plant in a extremely short time with a turn-key welding robot installation including programming and a special designed robot torch. “Considering the high performance that Valk Welding delivered, we see this as a good start for further cooperation,” says Lars Blomberg, General Manager of Volvo Bussar Uddevalla AB based on Valk Welding’s quick intervention.


Lars Blomberg was on board the Volvo organisation since 2005 after Volvo Bus started the production of bus frames in Uddevalla, Sweden around 1999. When he returned to the company in 2018 after a job change, he found that the same automation concept was still being used as in all the years before. “For all products we used the same concept with two robots and a manipulator without a seam searching and touching systems and offline programming,” says the General Manager.

Valk Welding and Panasonic new to us

Yngve Saarela, an agent for Valk Welding in Sweden, drew Lars Blomberg’s attention to the turn-key systems that the robot integrator had developed for the Dutch VDL Bus Chassis, among others. “Until then, we were not yet familiar with both Valk Welding and Panasonic and what they can do for us in the field of welding robot automation”.

Complete system directly available

“For an export order, we were looking for a solution to be able to weld parts for the bus frames within a short delivery time. This would be feasible with the use of a welding robot. But it should be available at short time. Valk Welding was able to supply a standard system from their stock consisting of a Panasonic welding robot on an H-frame with 2 workstations. Moreover, including the welding programs, it could be immediately operational”. Lars Blomberg continues. “This standard solution offered us exactly what we needed to realise that specific part in the extremely short lead time from order to delivery”.

Excellent support from Valk Welding Denmark

Christian Dahlborg, responsible for the project at Volvo Bus explains: “The tests carried out by Marcel Dingemanse, country manager Valk Welding DK, fully met our requirements. With 100% penetration, the welding quality was perfect and there was no need for post-processing, partly thanks to the MIG pulse process. In addition, the quick touch sensing function and offline programming, using DTPS, ensured a quick start-up phase and better product quality”.

Extended gooseneck

“Another point to solve, continues Christian Dahlborg, was that after welding the top plate, not all positions could be reached with the standard robot torch available. The only possible way to reach those positions is with an extended gooseneck. Because Valk Welding has the production of their robotic torches in own hands, they were able to react quickly. Within seven weeks, both the welding robot installation, as well as the robot torch with the extended gooseneck, and the welding programmes were delivered. After which Volvo Bus could start production within 1 week. This was a perfect performance that allowed us to start welding production of the frames right away,” says an enthusiastic General Manager.

Ready to use

The concept of a turnkey ready to use solution is a strong point of Valk Welding. Until now, all our welding robot systems consisted of a composition of components from different suppliers, which would have taken much more time to achieve a working end result. Valk Welding has proven itself and their market approach with this. We see this new cooperation with Valk Welding as a good starting point to see what else we can do together in the future.


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