Service and reliability decisive for Dörr Kampen

As a manufacturer of stainless steel pre-cleaning systems for hospitals, a consistent and high welding quality are crucially important to Dörr Kampen BV. The welding robot system the company has purchased for this purpose several years ago, did not produce the required result. Reason for the company to ask Valk Welding to supply a solution with a reliable weld-seam tracking system and offline programming functionality. Co-owner Gerard van Dijk said “ The Valk Welding robot system provides us with products that we simply could not achieve with the previous system.”

The Valk Welding robot system provides us with products that we simply could not achieve with the previous system.

Gerard van Dijk


Dörr Kampen is a well-known supplier of bedpan rinsers, bed bottle heaters, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and warming cabinets for hospitals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. “Our high quality stands out and we are able to deal flexibly with client requirements, as every hospital applies its own cleaning procedure,” explained Gerard van Dijk.

TIG without wire supply

Nearly all products are TIG welded without wire supply. Gerard Van Dijk continued “That produces the most beautiful weld appearance for our stainless steel products without requiring finishing. Without reliable weld-seam tracking, it is not possible to achieve the same weld appearance on all products. Before getting rid of the existing system, we wanted to be sure that the new welding robot would solve the problem. The system also needed to be suitable for pulse MIG welding.”

Test phase at Valk Welding

Dörr Kampen embarked on a thorough process before changing its welding-robot system. Following a comprehensive test phase at Valk Welding, Gerard van Dijk performed a reference study of the systems, the solution capacity and the service provided by Valk Welding. “First we had tests performed on a workpiece that consisted of 2-plane bent tube material that required MIG welding. Valk programmed that first in DTPS offline and showed how you use their Quick Touch wire search system to move from point to point, following which the robot welds exactly on the weld seam. We were immediately impressed by the know-how, expertise and the drive with which employees tried to get things sorted out,” continued Gerard van Dijk.

Welding robot on a FRAME-C

Last summer Valk Welding supplied a welding robot on a torsion free C-shape frame with a 250 kilogram positioner. Besides the curved workpieces, the first frames, water tanks and warming cabinets could be welded immediately on the system, as the existing jigs could be used. Gerard Van Dijk said “The main challenge was using Quick Touch to correct every deviation of the product in respect of the offline welding program. With the calibration of the welding robot and the total system that worked perfect.”

Thanks to the perfect integration of the power source into the Panasonic robot control, the operator can tune the welding parameters with the teach pendant during a safe "Arc test" mode.

Stock-controlled production

For its products, the company processes 60-70 tonnes of stainless steel per year, and all the sheet-metal- and welding-work is carried out in house. The control systems and software are also produced internally and the equipment is assembled in a separate department. “It is not economical for us to produce single pieces on an order basis, and therefore we manufacture most of our products in small series, with the added benefit that we can deliver quickly from stock.

Get going quickly

“For the training, 2 employees had been trained at Valk Welding in Alblasserdam to be able to operate the robot and work with the offline software DTPS. “After the training a Valk Welding service engineer solved some problems in half a day and helped us through the start-up phase. The programmes of the next products are now being modified so they too can be welded on the welding robot. That involves plenty of preparatory work, but we expect the welding robot to be working to capacity for the entire week in a few months time,” concluded Gerard van Dijk.

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