A complete automation solution for plastic welding

Within the market there is an increasing demand for automated welding of plastics. This industry has similar challenges as the metalworking industry.

For example, there is a growing shortage of professionals and it is difficult to motivate new people for this profession, which due to the great weight of the tools has to be seen as heavy work. The need for highly flexible automation solutions is therefore growing.

That is why we have recently, in cooperation with the company Leister, designed a fully fledged automation solution for plastic welding. In addition to the previously mentioned reasons, our solutions also provide consistent welding quality and increased productivity.

The robot is equipped with an industrial plastic welding application, which can speed up the manual welding process and perform it with greater precision. It also includes a welding seam tracking system.

A good plastic weld depends on three variables, namely temperature, speed and welding pressure. In order to create a good strong weld, both the base material and the filler material must have the correct temperature. The speed at which the weld is applied must be exactly right and in addition, the weld must be pressed into the base material at the right pressure. This used to be a problem especially with round and deviating shapes. The welding robot can now accommodate changes in distance in two directions by means of a linear carriage and a pivot point on the welding gun. These are both pneumatically controlled so that a constant welding pressure can be achieved. The welding seam is followed mechanically with a welding shoe and a distance sensor detects when the welding seam changes direction.

Programming the robot is easy as all different welding shapes are easy to make with our "easy programming" solutions. From simple online programming to fully automatic generation of robot programs for single piece production.

Watch the video of the welding process.



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