Three welding locations, one robot

Last year, Valk Welding supplied a welding robot installation on an E-frame concept to the Czech company Vares Mnichovice a.s. The company has 30 employees and makes landscaping equipment and industrial kitchen equipment under its own brand name, among other products.

Vares Mnichovice a.s.

The welding robot installation at Vares is equipped with 3 workstations. “Because every workstation is set up for a specific product group, we can weld three different products simultaneously. This means that the robot has an extended performance cycle and the output is greatly increased. Because some of our products are seasonal, we can now make and deliver more products in the same time span,” says Sales and Marketing Director Eva Vodenková. "Without the welding robot we would not have been able to deliver 50 percent of the orders."

Personnel shortage

In addition to the benefits of higher output and better welding quality, a chronic shortage of personnel was another reason to start with automating welding production. Eva Vodenková: "Unemployment around Prague is virtually zero, robotization offers a solution to increase output with the same number of employees."

Welding robot from Valk Welding

“We had contacted several suppliers and chose for Valk welding based on their excellent communication, the price/performance ratio, and their service and training capabilities within the Czech Republic.
The welding robot installation is now used for steel and stainless-steel components for large and small series welding. We only see advantages, such as the significant increase in labor productivity, high degree of flexibility and also the variation in production, so that we can weld three different product lines at the same time. A big plus is the very high and persistent quality of the welding jobs. We especially appreciate this in regard to the products in the gastro-department and the fruit-processing machines.”

"Without the welding robot we would not have been able to deliver 50 percent of the orders."

Eva Vodenková

Full support from Valk Welding

“Valk Welding also supplied the offline programming software DTPS and provided training for our employees at the Ostrava-Mošnov location. In addition, they provided assistance with starting up the welding robot here in Mnichovice. We are really satisfied with Valk Welding," says Eva Vodenková. “Due to the strong competition in European markets and the lack of staff, on the one hand we are looking at how we can improve the design of our products and develop new VARES products. And on the other hand, we look at how we can produce those products more efficiently with the latest production technology. Expanding the number of robotic work locations is certainly the solution for us," concludes Eva Vodenková. www.vares.cz

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