Automated welding of aluminium tankers

As an important manufacturer of commercial vehicles, LAG from Bree (Belgium) has now also taken a major step towards the automated welding of aluminum fuel tanks.

With the order of 2 large state-of-the-art full option Valk Welding welding robot systems, they are taking a big step forward. In addition to Valk Weldings Arc-Eye CSS laser camera realtime seamtracking solution, LAG is also using the new Valk Welding VWPR QE Servo Pull welding torch for an even better welding wire sup-ply, which means a great added value for the welding of aluminum.
This project is also closely followed up by the Chinees CIMC group that has chosen LAG in Bree as the center of competence within this segment. This first project is considered within the group as a strategic pilot project with the aim of rolling out the Valk Welding technology across multiple production lines and production plants.
CIMC is a global supplier of equipment for the logistics and energy industry.

Download here the full Valk Mailing



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