Valk Welding CZ starts assembly and training activities for own region

In order to serve the Central European market even better and create room for further growth, Valk Welding CZ s.r.o. moved into its new premises in Paskov last year.

The new building offers space for offices, warehouse, demo center, technical center, training center and assembly with a total area of 3.500 M2 . From there, Valk Welding takes care of the sales and service of welding robot systems for that region in central Europe. Early this year a start could be made with the assembly of welding robot systems and further expansion of training activities. The intention is that all projects for customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland,
Hungary and Romania will from now on be built in Paskov, CZ.

All components such as robots, controls and mechanical components will be delivered from the Netherlands and assembled in Paskov, Czech Republic. “By doing so, we want to ensure that the welding robot systems we supply meet the same quality requirements in all markets,” Remco H. Valk explains. “It goes without saying that we cannot realize all these extra activities with the same number of employees. We expect that the current workforce of 20 people will be expanded to approximately 35 to 40 in the coming years. With the extra assembly capacity in the Czech Republic, we now also have the possibility within the group to assemble systems for other regions, should the need arise. This benefits both the flexibility and speed of service to all our customers within Europe”.



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