Valk Welding compact FRAME-IT system

In this article we would like to present you our latest video in which we show you the arc welding robot installation for the Dutch company Maref Metaalbewerking. Maref Metaalbewerking is a leading supplier of products, semi-finished products and complete constructions.

One of the arc welding robot installations Maref uses for the automation of the welding process is this compact FRAME-IT system. This compact welding cell is equipped with a Panasonic welding robot and contains 2 workstations. The FRAME-IT also contains all, CE certified, safety components that can be expected from a high-end welding robot solution. With a working range of 1437 mm, a maximum load of 125 kg per station, an accuracy of ±0.08 mm and a total dimension of 3270 x 2300 mm, this can rightly be called a compact solution.

Watch the video below to see the welding robot installation fully operational.

Curious about Maref's story and their search for automation? Click below for the full article from the recent edition of our Valk Mailing

Article Maref:

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