60 years Valk Welding

Valk Welding exists 60 years this year, a milestone for the welding robot integrator to realise and experience.

Alblasserdam, March 22, 2021 - Valk Welding exists 60 years this year, a milestone for the welding robot integrator to realise and experience. Especially when you see how fast it has gone in recent years with the development of innovations in the field of welding robotization with which customers of Valk Welding throughout Europe who have been able to strengthen their competitive position.

With the establishment of "LAS Verkoopmaatschappij", the father of Remco H. Valk started on March 22, 1961 a company that in 60 years has grown into one of the largest welding robot integrators in Europe. "Automation of welding technology has always been an important part alongside the sale of welding wire and welding equipment," says Remco H. Valk. This led to the delivery of the first welding robot in the late 1970s.

The growth that followed was a result of active market developments in the field of welding technology, with branches also being established in Denmark, the Czech Republic, France and Germany from 2004 onwards, enabling Valk Welding to serve its customers far and wide in Europe.

With 170 permanent employees and a permanent group of about 25 externals, the Valk Welding Group has grown in Europe to a professional and reliable player in the field of welding robotization.

60 years Valk Welding, 60 years 'strong connection' with the manufacturing industry

Despite the limitation of the Corona epidemic, last year the company has further expanded the organization with, among other things, the establishment of the Swedish subsidiary Valk Welding SE, commissioning of a new sales, training and assembly facility in the Czech Republic, development of Management Information System (MIS2.0) and the establishing of Valk Welding Precision Parts where the welding robot specialist produces robot torches, cable assemblies and shock sensors entirely in-house.

Robot torches, shoxk sensors and cable assemblies are a crucial component of the All-in-One Valk Welding welding robot systems. These have been developed in-house and are made exclusively for Valk Welding welding robot systems. With its own production facility for these products for the robot torch systems, Valk Welding is now 100% independent from third parties, which is their target for the future.



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