Van Hool afbeelding Linkedin bericht
12 June 2018

This month we celebrate the 20 years of “strong connection” partnership between Valk Welding and Van Hool, one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of busses, coaches and industrial vehicles.

The 24 supplied systems with Panasonic welding robots shows the evolution we both did in technology and innovation. Top of the bill are the 3 big tank welding systems to weld complete stainless steel tanks at very high quality and a unique flexibility thanks to 100% offline programming, automatic programming, laser seam tracking and marking with inkjet technology. Specially for this occasion the Japanese management of Panasonic came over to thank Van Hool for this strong partnership. On the picture (left to right) you see Mr. Kemp, Mr. Valk, Mr. Abe, Mr. Hamamoto, Mr. Saito, Mr. Hendrickx, Mr. Pittomvils and Mr. Ceulemans – more about this project


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