ADK Techniek Lasklembank SMT
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Since 2012 ADK Techniek is a division of Valk Welding. ADK Techniek is, since its founding in 1984, specialized in design and construction of dedicated machines for welding and cutting processes, sometimes with use of robots.

ADK Techniek is a flexible organization with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mechanical engineering and process automation. The technical solutions and the corresponding equipmentby ADK technique are developed and built in-house and are rugged and of high quality. These machines meet all technical requirements and CE Machine Directives, which the market is asking for and which must be more and more documented.

To meet this demand, ADK Techniek spends a lot of attention to education of their staff. They regularly attend courses, seminars and profession oriented fairs to maintain the level of quality and technical knowledge that is expected nowadays. Partly because of this, ADK distinguishes itself from other reputable engineering companies. Where other companies soon say no, it is for ADK always a challenge to create a new project. Obviously it will be very well analyzed in advance, whether it is technically achievable. If, after investigation, it appears that the solution, sought by the end user, is not technically achievable, ADK will do everything to find a good alternative. With this as the starting points of the product and the needs of the consumer will always be coming first.

If you are a company looking for a reliable partner and supplier of positioning equipment and process automation, please contact ADK Techniek. ADK Techniek has specialized in welding automation. We supply, design, develop and construct, among others, dedicated welding machines, welding robots and complete robotic welding cells with positioning tables. Also making a technical achievability study and/or engineering assignment belongs to the services within ADK Techniek. 

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