VWP-R400 compact met achtergrond

You buy a flexible welding robot because at the time of purchase you do not always know what you want to weld with it in the coming years.

Easy to program, flexible fixation systems for different welding jigs, automatic corrections of product tolerances,... But not always the guarantee that the robot can reach everything if the workpiece to be welded is complex.

In addition to the wide choice of different types of standard welding torches, we can also always make a special welding torch for your specific request. Completely by ourselves, short delivery time and guarantee of availability of a new torch should the first one need replacing.

The VWP-R400 Compact robot welding torch is a new member to the family, specially developed to be able to weld according to the best practice rules in a small space. And fully compatible with the standard VWP-R system so you can go back to a standard torch if required. It is as simple as that.

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