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Since the beginning of 2018 a new division has been active within the Valk Welding group. This division called VWCO is fully engaged in the sales of the so-called cobots. For this, Valk Welding / VWCO has acquired distribution rights for the Benelux for the sale of Techman cobots.

Techman cobots (collaborative robots) are relatively inexpensive, usuable as plug & produce and user-friendly to program and are therefore increasingly integrated into assembly lines, machine loading and other applications. Techman cobots meet the latest safety requirements for collaborative robots and can therefore work with people in a production environment without requiring additional safety measures.

The concept of the Techman cobots is based on the three concepts of Smart, Simple and Safe, which is expressed in the built-in vision, simple hand-guided programming and the way in which cobots can work in a safe way with people.


With standard integrated vision, the Techman cobots are capable of recognizing patterns, locating objects, detecting color, reading barcodes, etc. With this intelligent functionality, Techman cobots are extremely suitable for precise tasks in assembly lines, pick-up place applications and within a high-mix low-volume production environment. The vision system is 100% integrated in the hardware and software.


Programming without code. With the revolutionary, easy-to-use user interface, almost every automation task can be created intuitively. Techman cobots are easy and quick to use even without programming experience with robots. The user interface is used on notebooks and tablets, instead of a teach pendant.


The Techman cobots meet the latest safety requirements for collaborative robots and stop automatically and safely when hit. The use of fences or laser security systems is therefore not required, allowing Techman cobots to collaborate safely with employees in a production environment.

For more information, visit: www.vwco.eu