Panasonic DTPS is an integrated programming and simulation software package.

With this software, Panasonic (welding) robots can be programmed off-line, that is from the PC, without interrupting the production.

Desktop Programming and Simulation System
The welding route can be completely programmed and simulated, also cycle times can be determined. In addition, the software offers the possibility to manage your programs and helps to steer production. With DTPS, you dispose of a valuable tool to prepare your work, thus enabling a welding duty of almost 100%!

How does DTPS work?

DTPS is fast and user-friendly:
1. Once-only system definition by Valk Welding
Because each installation is unique, before setting in production the system will be defined in the 3D environment by specialists from Valk Welding.

2. Product in 3D designs or import from CAD-system
Within DTPS, you dispose of all tools to draw any workpieces in 3D. Existing drawings from other CAD-systems can be imported as WRL, XGL, ZGL, 3DXML, STL, IGES or DXF.

3. Programming of the robot movements
By dragging the robot and clicking on the parts to be welded, the robot movements will be programmed. Also the Quick Touch sensing is programmed in this way. Welding parameters can be found easily with the unique standard Weld Navigation function.

4. Control
The program can be controlled by a full simulation of the movements and checked for collisions.

5. Send programs to the robot and start producing!

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