The Panasonic welding robots can be equipped with different kind of search systems.

These systems enables you as a robot user to correct existing robot programs automatically when the workpiece needs this.

In every workpiece that need to be welded there can be small deviations present. To keep the tolerance of these deviations as small as possible the robot can be equipped with these search systems. These systems check the workpiece and determine per product if the reference point that is in the robot program matches the reference point that is just been measured.

If the robot finds a deviation in the workpiece and thus in the welding seam, thanks to these new reference points the robot can adjust his position and determine the new welding seam.

The Panasonic welding robot can be equipped with one of the following systems:
- Mechanical tactile search system; the reference point can be found by voltage on the gas nozzle
- Electrical tactile search system (quick touch); hereby the reference point is being found with voltage on the welding wire.
- Weld monitoring system; With this system thanks to a weaving pattern the system checks if the reference point are still in place.
- Vision system; With vision system the seam tracking is done by a laser vision system that follows the seam in real-time and is able to correct the position of the robot when the laser sees any deviations.

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