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Panasonic set out to develop a 100% welding robot and they succeeded in doing so! This is the first and only robot system that completely integrates the power source into the robot controller.

All other robot manufacturers still use welding power sources with a communication line between the power source and the robot control, but Panasonic has solved this communication problem by creating a suitable solution. The robot controller controls both the robot movements and the welding power source. This is possible by using the very powerful 64-bit processor of the Global2 controller.

Tawers- WG (350 Amp) 
The TAWERS™ WG-version (Integrated power source) can weld up to 350 Amp. The duty cycle is 80% in short arc and 60% in pulse. With 320 Amp. the duty cycle is 100%.

Tawers-WGH (450 Amp)
The WGH version (Heavy Duty) we can weld 450 Amp with a duty cycle from 100% in pulse mode.

Benefits of Integrated powersource (WG/WGH)
- Extreme high communication speed between Robot controller CPU and powersource. Up to 250 times faster as any other
- Very short start / stop time per weld (0.2 sec. or less)
- Arc Start / Arc End lift
- Different weld modes like normal Pulse, SP
- Stable wire feeding because of using a servo motor with continues feedback and control.
- Standard Weld Data Monitor
- Sharp wire end after a weld
- Low spatter volume