Robotcontroller 3

The controller is equipped with the most modern 64-bit processor, so as to permit multi-tasking in full production (with e.g. hot edit, subroutine call, communication with the environment, etc.). 

The platform of the robot controller is a strong own development of Panasonic, Windows is only used in the not critical area of the GUI. Advantage: higher productivity. 

Teach Pendant with Windows CE
Simple operation, thanks to Windows CE on the teach pendant and the use of jog dial. The jog dial is a concept that allows the robot programmer to move the robot the needed speed very easily, once you have worked with this method of programming you will never go back to the old systems. The Panasonic robots are specifically designed as welding robots, based on the principle that anybody who already has experience with welding the material should also be able to program the robot. The result is very clear and easy programming, using symbols and simple menu-driven dialogues. Furthermore, the programming is done at a single level, i.e. there is just one programming panel on which programming is done.

Next to the possibility to change the move speed very easy, the very powerful jog function is still available. This is one of the big advantages that a real welding robot must have! You can adjust per mm or even per 0.1 mm to bring the robot to the perfect position for optimal welding result. Together with the weld section shift this function makes it possible to do a very accurate and quick weld position adjustment.

All Panasonic robots are equipped with a G3 controller, however type WG3 has an integrated power source of 350 Amp and type WGH3 has an integrated power source of 450 Amp.

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