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With a Panasonic welding robot and Valk Welding you get the best of both worlds

Panasonic welding robots have long been the standard at Valk Welding. Valk Welding is the European partner of Panasonic and in our capacity we are continually assisting with developing welding robots, peripherals and software. We know every detail and we can provide seamless integration of your welding robot into your production processes. If a Panasonic welding robot cannot do it, it simply cannot be done!

Fully integrated welding robot solutions
Panasonic is the only robot manufacturer that focuses entirely on welding robots and that produces all components for welding robots in-house:
- Welding robot TM or welding robot TL
- Robot control
- Robot programming software
- Integrated welding power sources
- Manipulators
- Peripherals
- Offline programming software

Valk Welding uses Panasonic equipment for cutting and welding applications, which has proven reliability and is always one step ahead of the competition.

Tawers Serie

The Panasonic TAWERS™ serie is the first and only robot system that completely integrates the power source into the robot controller. TAWERS™ robots are optimised for speed, with larger motors and controllers, increased acceleration and highly optimised design. The extremely high speed of the robot increases performance by reducing cycle times. The Panasonic TAWERS™ series is available as TM welding robot and TL welding robot.

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                    Click here for the TM-serie                             Click here for the TL-serie

From complex solution to standard welding robots
We can provide custom solutions based on the wishes of our customers and we also have a wide range of 'standard' welding robot concepts available. These are affordable, mobile solutions that can be delivered at short notice. The ideal solution for fast and flexible production!


More about welding robots
Curious about our welding robot solutions? You can find a comprehensive overview of projects that we have completed on our YouTube channel. We focus on welding robot solutions, but we can also complete projects for cutting applications or combinations thereof.