Valk Welding develops and builds the Arc-Eye laser sensor for real-time tracking of the weld seam. The Arc-Eye laser sensor makes it possible for the welding robot to precisely follow the path of the weld and to apply any corrections during welding.  

This is achieved by scanning the position, orientation and geometry of the workpiece and automatically correcting the positions of the welding robot and torch where necessary.

The Arc-Eye laser sensor registers all deviations that are within the range of the laser sensor. This prevents the need to manually measure and correct the welding programs beforehand. This ensures a much higher efficiency and better quality of the welding process with robots.

Why use a laser sensor system?

Products that are welded together can always differ slightly from each other during the process or in the base of the product. If these deviations are not detected and corrected in time, this can cause deviations of the weld seam of a few centimeters (especially at larger distances).

Earlier developments of Valk Welding, such as Touch Sensing and the Quick Touch system, made it possible to measure on the workpiece itself. The big advantage of the Arc-Eye system according to the other measuring systems is that it is measured and adjusted real-time. With the Quick Touch system, the weld is first measured at the start of the welding process after the measuring the welding is started. With the Arc-Eye laser sensor system the measuring and welding takes place simultaneously. This therefore results in a considerable shortening of the cycle time.

Complex workpieces in single pieces or small series

The Arc-Eye laser can detect and follow almost all welding seams that occur in practice. Using the Arc-Eye system, it is possible to use the robot for welding workpieces with irregular distances between the parts to be welded, non-constant tolerances and complex shapes without the need for manual corrections or weld seam search systems. This makes it possible to produce complex workpieces in single pieces or small series.

The advantages of the Arc-Eye laser system at a glance:
- It produces an accurately welded seam
- Manual adjustments to the welding program are no longer required
- Complex welding jigs are no longer required
- It shortens the time of the entire process
- It increases the precision of the entire process
- It prevents rejection of welded products.