Automatic tungsten and wire replacement

In addition to the Torch Exchange System (TES) and the quick-exchange cable package VWPR-QE (Quick Exchange) for the use with the Panasonic robots in Valk Welding robot systems, the development of the Wire Exchange System (WES) and the Tungsten Electrode Exchange System (TEES) for TIG welding has now been completed.

Valk Welding

With this, our welding robot systems can change the torch (goose neck) , torch shape, tungsten electrode,the welding wire and weld-ing wire type as well as the diameter without the operator being involved. As a result, it is possible to switch between the MIG and TIG welding process when required and from solid to flux-cored wire. The only limitation is that the automatic wire switchover must occur within the same diameter. However, the switch to a different diameter is possible in combina-tion with the automatic torch replacement.

Tungsten Electrode Exchange

The Tungsten Electrode Exchange System (TEES) plays an important part in TIG welding with the robot. In order to prevent risks in re-gard to the quality of the TIG welding process, which is already quite critical on its own, and to maintain the welding quality at a high level, it is required that the tungsten electrode is re-placed as a precautionary measure. Until now, tungsten electrodes were replaced by hand when they had become worn and used. Sander Verhoef of Valk Welding, who developed the system, explains: “Although auto-matic torch, wire and tungsten re-placement was initially developed to enable a process suitable for a reduced workforce, the opera-tor in particular is relieved. As a result of including the automatic exchange in the programming, the risk is eliminated that the operator can forget to replace the tungsten electrode, which would have a negative impact on the quality of the welding work.”
By now, the Torch Exchange Sys-tem (TES) is also used by custom-ers with cycle times of longer than 4 hours, preventing that they weld with a worn conductor. For this, the entire torch neck including a ‘fresh’ wire tip is replaced.

Keeping the long cables of the teach pendant secured

Operators that control and /or program the robot with a teach pendant are familiar with the problem of long cables that lie around. For this rea-son a useful tool is developed that automatically retracts the cable after using the teach pendant. The Multi Teach Pendant Reel (MTPReel) is an innovative solution that prevents both the damaging of the cable and eliminates the trip-ping hazard. By automatically retracting the cable after use, loosely lying cables will never obstruct your work environment again. This will keep the work environment safe and tidy.

  • Stable, impact-resistant plastic housing
  • Automatic retraction movement can be adjusted in increments of 50 cm

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