Jumbo Denmark robot installation

Valk Welding delivered two welding robot systems to Jumbo Stillads A.S., the Danish market leader in aluminium scaffolding.

The project is one of the first systems where Valk Welding used the Panasonic Active Wire system for aluminium. Active Wire uses a special robot torch with an integrated wire feeding system.


Active Wire Aluminium
The Active Wire applications that had been used to date by Valk Welding had been for workpieces in thin-sectional steel and stainless steel. Aluminium requires different software and welding with MIG, where
the protective gas does not contain any active gas. Ad Kruithof, senior application engineer of Valk Welding with over 30 years of programming experience, said “The difference in the application for aluminium is that this material has a lower melting point than steel or stainless steel. At the start the heat sinks quicker into the material, and you need to take that into account. At Jumbo Stillads we used 1,2 mm ø aluminium welding wire following extensive testing in the pilot set-up in Alblasserdam. 

User-friendly interface
Both welding robot systems weld the same products in a fully continuous 2-shift system, where the products differ in width or length. To guarantee that operators can change quickly between the different types, Valk Welding developed a user-friendly interface (HMI) on the basis of CMRS. Employees can use the touch panel to enter the required model and the choice of searching by gasnozzle or wire.

No programming knowledge required
The user-friendly interface makes it possible to weld changing product dimensions with the robots without needing programming knowledge. Marcel Dingemanse, Branch Manager of Valk Welding DK explained “Employees don't have to programme anything, but the downside is that they do not become familiar with the teach pendant. In case of a fault it is useful that an employee knows how to move the robot. So we put together a short training programme for Jumbo.”

Compact footprint important criterion
In view of the limited space at Jumbo Stillads, the cells needed to be compact. One cell has 1 workstation and is closed with a high-speed door for minimum footprint. The second cell is based on one H-frame set-up with 2
workstations. Both cells use a Panasonic TM-1800WG3 welding robot in a fixed position and the workpieces are positioned by a PanaDice 250-IV manipulator.



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