Valk Welding Sweden has started

As a logic continuation of the expansion from the Valk Welding organization throughout Europe since 2004, Valk Welding SE has become a fact.

The Swedish market has been handled and served before through the Danish subsidiary of Valk Welding. Based on the market potential in Sweden and the robotic systems which have been supplied in the past years, the Valk Welding Group has been looking for a good and competent team, matching with the Valk Welding market approach and drive to create a total customer satisfaction. The Valk Welding Group has created a subsidiary in Lidköping under the name “Valk Welding SE” which will be managed by Peder Edholm. Peder Edholm and his team have years of experience in welding robot systems on the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish market.

As exercised on all other European markets, Valk Welding SE will work closely together with the headquarters of the Valk Welding Group in The Netherlands, but will also benefit from the experience, know-how and support from the other 7 Valk Welding companies throughout Europe. At the facility of Valk Welding SE in Lidköping a robot system for demonstration purposes, training and testing has been installed. In this way the customers can receive training in Sweden in their own language. Peder Edholm will be working closely together with the MD of Valk Welding Denmark, Marcel Dingemanse, who is well-known on the Swedish market.

Our new organization targets faster and easier acess to sales and support and to develop our Strong Connection even more with local prescence in Sweden. The team are trained extensively by the Valk Welding Group in order to be capable to work independently and contribute to give best possible support to both present and new customers on the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish market. Next to the well-known Valk Welding robot systems, Valk Welding will also use the subsidiary in Lidköping for distribution of welding wire and the well-known Wire Wizard product.



We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.