Valk Welding Servo TIG robot torch delivers high-quality results in thin-walled TIG welding with cold wire

For high-quality products, cold wire TIG welding is still the best process for obtaining perfect, spatter-free welds in thin-walled materials. Without the use of a welding robot, a good end result is already almost impossible to achieve. The stability of the wire feeder plays a decisive role in this respect. Any movement in the wire package can have a negative influence on the wire supply. Welding robot integrator Valk Welding has therefore developed its own solution to take robotized TIG welding with cold wire to a higher level.

Companies that make products for application in the food, medical, process, nuclear, hydrogen, aerospace, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers from thin-walled materials cannot afford irregularities, deformations, and porosity in the welding work. In very difficult applications the requirements both for accuracy and appearance in the weld quality are required to be at a high standard. To meet these standards, the products are robotically welded with a servo-driven wire motor which provides a constant wire feed.

Despite the use of a servo-driven wire motor, movement in the wire package and play in the wire guide both have an influence on the quality and appearance of the weld. In practice, this often leads to problems of material deformation, particularly in bends, and where parts must be welded against each other, for example in tub-shaped products. To prevent this, engineers from Valk Welding have found a solution by reducing the distance from the wire motor to the arc. This has resulted in the servo drive being integrated into the welding torch, close to the arc. This eliminates backlash on the wire feeder and achieves consistent density and weld quality.

This Servo TIG robot torch has been developed and built in a short time with close cooperation between the engineers of Valk Welding and Valk Welding Precision Parts, which produces all standard and custom-made robot torches for the Valk Welding robots. The Servo TIG robot torch uses Panasonic's servo wire motor, which together with the power source is controlled from one CPU. In addition, it is nice to know that when only the welding torch is changed, the user can also weld MIG/MAG and even upgrade to the extremely cold Super Active Wire welding process. The customer will therefore have many possibilities in the future.

As a welding robot integrator, Valk Welding wants to excel in the field of robotization with a focus on welding technology.

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