Valk Welding Ireland

At the end of January 2022, Valk Welding Ireland was officially added as a subsidiary to the Valk Welding Group. With this, the Valk Welding Group has now 9 subsidiaries in Europe besides the head office in Alblasserdam.

With the establishment of this Irish subsidiary, Valk Welding is ready to support the Irish manufacturing industry in their quest for welding automation.

In 2017 the first contacts with companies were made and the first visits were made to the island of Ireland. These companies turned out to be, among other things due to the Brexit, looking for solutions for the continuation and automation of their production as shortages of skilled welders seemed to become a big problem.

Since that time, Valk Welding has been able to help various clients from Ireland and has delivered several successful projects. As a total supplier Valk Welding helps these companies in the field of both the welding robot systems and the welding consumables including welding wires and spare parts.

The establishment of Valk Welding Ireland offers opportunities to further build from the Valk Welding DNA on a strong connection with the entire (Irish) chain of production companies.

The coming period you can follow the further growth and development of Valk Welding Ireland through the various channels.



We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.