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Increase your productivity - and stay at home

What the steam engine was to the nineteenth is the robot to the twenty-first century. In more and more manufacturing companies you will find …

Welding of boat and tiny house trailers

In this article we like to present to you our latest video in which we show you the arc welding robot installation for the Dutch company Vlemmix.

The new edition of the Valk Mailing is out!

We are pleased to present you our latest edition of the Valk Mailing. This new edition is again full of recently delivered projects and technical …

Valk Welding Sprinkler System

In this video we show you our Valk Welding Sprinkler System. The Valk Welding Sprinkler System provides a total solution for the production of …

Solve shortage of welders with a welding cobot or a welding robot?

Due to an increasing shortage of professional welders, the need for welding automation is also growing in smaller SMEs.

We hereby present to you our training brochure!

In this brochure you will find all the information about the training we offer.

Valk Welding wire in demand!

While the economies in Europe are recovering from the Covid-19 lockdowns we are seeing a significant increase in the demand for our welding wires.

Valk Welding Servo TIG robot torch delivers high-quality results in thin-walled TIG welding with cold wire

For high-quality products, cold wire TIG welding is still the best process for obtaining perfect, spatter-free welds in thin-walled materials.

We proudly present our brand new Valk Mailing

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