2016-01-21 TM-serie robots ver.2
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The TM- series is the newest generation of the Panasonic TAWERS™ welding robot series.

In addition to the previous Panasonic TA-series, the new TM- series features several important innovations such as an improved working range, a renewed and more efficient cable management and improved wire feed via a hollow robotic arm and/or hybrid solution. The performance of the welding robots from the Panasonic TAWERS™ TM- series enables you as a customer to influence important factors of your business such as quality, precision, flexibility and cycle time.

From welding robot to welding robot installation

Along with the techniques developed by Panasonic and the technologies of Valk Welding the renewed TM- series becomes the perfect partner in welding robotics. The welding robot is used in combination with the software and the construction around it to form a perfect team.

Some techniques/technologies where the Panasonic TAWERS™ welding robot can be equipped with are:
-Tactile search system; positioning of the weld throughout the welding wire
-DTPS; offline programming and simulation software
-Seam tracking system; While welding the programmed path the robot is adjusted when needed.
-Arc-Eye laser sensor systems; real-time tracking and correcting of the weld by laser vision

Are you wondering what the renewed TM- series can do for you? Please contact us. Our technical advisors are ready to visit you.

Specifications Panasonic TM- series: