Why cookies? Websites use smart and useful techniques to enhance user-friendliness and to make the site as interesting as possible for each visitor. One of the best known techniques involves cookies. Cookies can be used by website owners or third parties - like advertisers - who communicate through the website you visit.

Using cookies is safe. It is impossible to retrace personal information such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses by using cookies. They are, thus, unsuitable for direct marketing techniques like telemarketing and spam.

We feel it is essential for you to be informed about the cookies that our website uses and for what purpose they are used. The purpose is twofold: we want to guarantee your privacy and the userfriendliness of our website as best as we can. The following explanation tells you more about the cookies used on and through our website and for what purposes.

This cookie statement applies to all websites of Valk Welding and has been drafted in collaboration with members of the industry and OPTA.

Cookies that ensure the website can function properly
Our website uses cookies for:
1. Remembering information you fill in the contact form or when you subscribe for our newsletter
2. Saving preferences, such as the language, location, the desired number of search results to be shown, etc.
3. Saving settings for, e.g., the best video reproduction possible, the desired buffer sise and your screen’s resolution data 
4. Reading your browser settings so that your screen will reproduce our website in the best possible way
5. Evenly spreading the load on the website, so that the website remains accessible at all times
6. Providing the possibility to react to our website

Cookies through which we can measure the website’s use (Google Analytics)
We use cookies to continuously try to measure how many people visit our website and what parts of the website they visit most. This tells us what components of the website draw our visitors’ interest most.

The information thus gathered is used for statistics. These statistics provide us with insight into how frequently our webpage is visited, where exactly visitors spend most of their time, etc. This enables us to draft the website’s structure, navigation and the contents as userfriendly as possible for you. We will never trace any statistics to individuals.

We use cookies for:
1. Recording the number of visitors of our web pages
2. Recording the time each visitor spends while visiting our web pages
3. Setting the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website
4. Assessing which parts of our site need adaptation
5. Optimising the website

Browser settings
If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer at all, you can adapt your browser settings as such that you will be notified before any cookie is placed. You can likewise adapt the settings as such so that your browser refuses all cookies, or only the third party cookies. Likewise, you can remove any of your cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you will have to separately adapt the settings for each browser and computer you use. Each browser has a different method to adapt the settings. If necessary, consult your browser’s “help” function.

Final remarks
We might have to adapt these statements from time to time, which may be due to changes in our website or regulations on cookies. We are allowed to change the contents of the statements and the cookies listed at all times and without prior warning. You can consult this webpage for the latest version.

Alblasserdam, February 19, 2013