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Who is best to involve in my project?

It requires a team effort to successfully deploy a welding robot in your company.

We always recommend involving the people who will be working with the system later on during the early stages of a project. It is certainly recommended that you pay a visit to Valk Welding to get a good feel of the products and the supplier. By involving your team spontaneity will increase, which will be beneficial for your investment.

Can I as a customer also use your Technical Centre after delivery of my unit?

Despite the fact that we are not a supplier, we are always available to assist you in our Technical Centre if you have a specific requirement, e.g. if you want to test a new welding process on an existing product or if you want to create prototypes for a new project. The appropriate conditions and cost price are evaluated in each individual instance and discussed with you. If your requirements demand should go beyond what is described above we will be happy to refer you to another customer who should be able to assist you with your specific requirements. There are various suppliers available in the network of Valk Welding, which should enable you to create a mutually beneficial agreement.

What guarantee do I have that my system will meet my expectations/order?

We have been working on establishing the label "Valk Welding" for more than 50 years already, so we know what it takes to complete a project to the satisfaction of the customer. We also put together each project on our premises and test it in full. Before delivery, we invite you, our customer, to a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) whereby we can produce a product with your unit as you would do it after delivery. The unit is only prepared for transport after a successful FAT and if it meets your criteria. After delivery and unit on site an SAT (Site Acceptance Test) is carried out, which is a repeat of the FAT, only on your premises. This provides you with peace of mind that your investment is fully functional.

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Can I get parts for my robot unit from my local supplier?

Yes, you can. We already have a wide network of partners that have consumables and spare parts available and they provide services to our customers in their region. If your current supplier is unknown to us we would be happy to consult with you on the options available to you.

You can also rely on the vast stock available at Valk Welding itself to ensure that you always have the spare parts available that you need.

Can I use your VWP-R welding torch and hose package on an unit that was not supplied by Valk Welding?

Certainly, by using an adapter our VWP-R solutions are compatible with most welding systems available on the market. It may be necessary to adjust the length of the hose package. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I also use your Wire Wizard solutions in a system that is not supplied by Valk Welding?

Certainly, our Wire Wizard solutions are compatible with most welding systems available on the market. We provide you with the same products and services as we do with robot systems supplied by us. Please feel free to contact us.

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Why is the Valk Welding Arc-Eye system so much more interesting than other laser tracking systems for robots?

Arc-Eye is a high-tech solution specifically designed for arc welding. Our Arc-Eye system has a unique type of laser, in combination with a special optics design that allows us to take a 3D image with a recording. Moreover, this system is not sensitive to reflections on aluminium and stainless steel, for instance. This ensures that the system "sees" the welding seam exactly as it is. The Arc-Eye laser sensor is also perfectly integrated into the Panasonic welding robot controller. Where conventional sensor systems only transmit data to the robot controller, Arc-Eye and Panasonic work together perfectly. If the product is not perfectly presented to the robot (e.g. with tack welds), the intelligence of the system, as well as the 3D information and robot motion will align optimally to obtain the appropriate torch position. This integration is unique and it is not possible with conventional systems. Arc-Eye is also fully developed at Valk Welding, which means that full responsibility for the project rests with Valk Welding.

The Arc-Eye laser cannot always be used for my products due to difficult access. Is there a solution available?

Yes. Unless you intend to buy an extension, the robot can push the Arc-Eye system temporarily to the side to be able to weld in places that are difficult to reach. Tolerances can also be covered with the Quick Touch system. Once finished the robot can pick up the Arc-Eye system again and continue to use it. The camera is put away without any extra cables required on the outside - everything remains compactly integrated in the hose package.

Can training be provided on location?

Yes, but we advise against it. The reason for this is that efficiency is much better at our Training Centre than on location. No matter how good your intentions are, your people will always be disturbed at your own premises during a training session. Participants in training courses at Valk Welding also have the opportunity to become more familiar with the new unit, the department that is responsible for for repairing the torch, and perhaps more importantly, make personal contact with our staff who are involved in your project.

Is it difficult to programme a Valk Welding welding robot?

No, not at all. The Panasonic welding robot was specifically designed for arc welding, with the intention that anyone should be able to programme the robot.

Most programmers at our customers are also originally welders, but the standard robot also comes with a WELD NAVIGATION function to assist people that are less familiar with welding. With this function the robot suggests the appropriate welding parameters. The programming unit is based on Windows CE, it is very well arranged and everything is clearly displayed by means of uniform icons. If a customer should opt for the DTPS-line programming system there are a few further options available whereby robot programmes can even be designed automatically without the intervention of a programmer to provide you with the best solution available.

No matter what option you should decide upon, Valk Welding can provide you with a complete training package to ensure that you can enjoy optimum results from your investment.

If I should decide to buy a Panasonic robot at a later stage, will I have to reprogramme everything?

No, not necessarily. The unique calibrated robots at Valk Welding allow for the transfer of existing programs to your new robot via the DTPS offline programming system. Downward conversion is also possible, subject to a few conditions.

Verfügbarkeit von Ersatzteilen

Verfügbarkeit von Ersatzteilen

Die Sicherstellung Ihrer Produktion ist unsere Priorität. Darüber hinaus möchten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit geben, von den neuesten Technologien zu profitieren, um Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil zu erhöhen. Das bedeutet auch, innovative Lösungen anzubieten, so dass wir nach einigen Jahren bestimmte Robotertypen, Steuerungen und andere Komponenten durch neue ersetzen können. Von diesem Zeitpunkt an garantieren unsere Lieferanten die Produktion von neuen Ersatzteilen für eine Reihe von zusätzlichen Jahren, sollte dies für Sie notwendig sein. Danach bestehen noch gute Chancen, dass Teile repariert oder durch bereits gebrauchte Teile ersetzt werden können. Wie Sie sehen, ist es unsere Priorität, Ihre Produktion im Rahmen des Machbaren sicherzustellen. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Serviceabteilung.