The new edition of the Valk Mailing is out!

We are pleased to present you our latest edition of the Valk Mailing. This new edition is again full of recently delivered projects and technical background information.

In this edition, companies such as Vlemmix, IQ Metal, Spanner, LAG and Lucas G share their stories about the road to (welding) automation. In addition, we would like to tell you more about how we can unburden you as a customer in the field of welding wire and we proudly show you our Servo TIG robot torch for thin-walled TIG welding.



Wir sprechen gerne mit Ihnen, um Lösungen für Ihre (Schweiß-)Automatisierungsprobleme zu finden. Wir suchen die Verbindung und ziehen es vor, eher ein Partner als ein Lieferant zu sein.